1lb Drum Antweight Chassis Kit

Saifu 2.1 The improved Chassis kit is based on the latest version of Team Rolling Thunders 1lb Drum Ant "Saifu"


1/4" and 1/16" UHMW and 0.040" (1mm) Carbon Fiber
Drive Motors and Mounts.
Includes Drum with installed> motor.

This is not a kit for absolute beginners and will require extra parts and tools to complete.

The chassis kit is 1" wider than the original and results in a more stable Bot and a "bite" twice as wide! The weapon is now mounted on a 1/4" Steel dead axle resulting in a much tougher weapon system.
Drive motors and mounting plates included.
Wider chassis allows use of Fingertech Silverspark motors if desired.

Chassis with Drum and drive motors Weight 12.1oz (342g)
Drum weight 6.6oz (includes axle, motor etc)

Details of the design and construction of the original, details of options available together with recommended parts list can be found at:
Saifu 2 Kit Details
This Bot is NOT a toy. Do not test or operate this bot outside a suitable
enclosed arena that has a minimum of 1/4" thick polycarbonate walls.
Failure to follow this instruction may result in severe injury.

Part details of bearings and washers used in drum assembly

Ball Bearings McMaster part number 60355K43
Shims McMaster part number 98126A447
Acetal Thrust bearing McMaster part number 2795T11
Nylon washers McMaster part number 90295A440
Teeth McMaster part number 91253A537
(Sharpened teeth can be found in spares section)

1lb Drum Antweight Chassis Kit
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