Gearmotor, 1000 rpm

These gearmotors are the ones used in our Weta Kits. Option to be modified for more reliable use in combat robots with an improved version of the process outlined here Battle Hardening Further options for connectors and Mounting plate. Pictures show motor with optional hardening and mounting plate


Nominal voltage - 12v
Measured RPM at nominal voltage - 930 RPM
Max recommended voltage - 14.4v (4S)
Weight - approx 3.0oz
Shaft - 4mm

Motor Dimensions etc.

Now includes 0.01uF capacitor. Solder between motor leads to filter motor noise and voltage spikes. This will improve ESC performance and reliability. Do not use with fingertech tinyMixer as it is too sensitive to noise from this motor.

For those who want to use the gearbox with a brushless motor
the motor mounting holes are as follows:
17mm spacing 3mm holes
15mm spacing 2mm holes
14mm spacing 2.5mm holes
Gearmotor, 1000 rpm
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