Weta 2.6 3lb Drum Beetle Kit

Production version of the latest version of my Beetleweight "Weta, God of Ugly Things"


1/2" UHMW and Carbon fiber Panels
Titanium Asymmetric and anti Horizontals Horns included
Complete with 2024 Aluminum Drum with built in 35-36 1800kv Motor and needle roller bearings.
3/8" diameter Grade 9 Steel Axle and improved M10 teeth.
"Unitooth" configuration and other options available at added cost.
Details of the design and construction of an earlier version can be found at:
Weta 2 Details
Basic Kit comes with chassis and drum/motor. To complete it you will require other parts
as detailed in the recommended parts list. Kit weighs 1lb 15.4oz
Unitooth Drum with motor, axle mounting screws etc weighs 1lb 1.9ov (507g) andcan be mounted between chassis rail spaced 3.5" apart.

Drum weapon available separately includes drum, motor, axle, teeth etc.

This is not a kit for beginners and will require extra parts and tools to complete.

This Bot is NOT a toy. Do not test or operate this bot outside a suitable
enclosed arena that has a minimum of 1/4" thick polycarbonate walls.
Failure to follow this instruction may result in severe injury.

Recommended Parts List.
Drive ESC (two required):
Robot Power Wasp
4mm x 0.75" Snaphubs.
3" LiteFlite Wheels.
Weapon ESC: 60A 4S
Battery: 1000 mAH 3S or 850 mAH 4S

Parts used in Drum assembly
Needle Roller Bearings McMaster part number 5905K22
Acetal Washers McMaster part number 95647A133
Nylon Washers MCMaster part number 92150A132
Teeth McMasters M10 x 25 Flat Head part number 91294A330 (sharpened available in spares section
Sharpened teeth available in spares section
3/8" x 5" grade 8 Steel bolt can be used as weapon Axle 91257A644

Weta 2.6   3lb Drum Beetle Kit
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