1000 RPM Beetle Motor mounting Plates

Each set includes two plates, four M3x5 screws and eight #4 plastite screws. Enough to mount two motors.
The plates are precision watercut from 1/16" 6061 Aluminum to fit on the end plate of the 1000 RPM Beetlemotor. The two M3 screws secure the plate to the motor (loctite recommended) and the four #4 Plastite screws are used to mount the plate to your chassis. All you need to mount the motor to your chassis is cut a hole big enough for the motor body and drill four pilot holes for the #4 screws.

The mounts weigh 0.25 oz each or 0.5 oz a pair including all screws.

More details can be found here 1000rpm Motor Mounts
1000 RPM Beetle Motor mounting Plates
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